X-Marks the Spot

Knowing that I’m a big fan of the Internet browser Firefox, son-in-law Chris recently told me about an addon of potential interest.  It’s called X-Marks — and he was right.

X-Marks is a browser addon that remotely stores and synchronizes your bookmarks between multiple browsers and/or multiple computers.  It can be downloaded for free from

Prior to xmarks, keeping my bookmarks up-to-date was a manual process, exporting my bookmarks from Firefox on my main computer and them importing them it to Firefox on three other computers.  If I was real ambitious, I would also import them into Internet Explorer (IE).  The whole process would take a while, so I only got around to it a couple times a year.  Now it happens quickly and effortlessly.

Originally, X-Marks only worked with Firefox and was appropriately called “Foxmarks.”  But then it was expanded to include IE, Safari, and most recently Chrome.  An additional benefit is an automatic off-site backup of your bookmarks.  That would have come in handy when my computer crashed, as my bookmarks backup file was a month or so old.

Downloading, installing, and configuring X-Marks on Firefox was quick and easy.  The IE version took a bit more effort and some additional steps.  But for both, once it was installed and configured, I’ve hardly given it a thought.

(X-Marks also has the option of storing passwords, encrypted on a secure server, to be likewise synchronized, but that is an option I passed on.  It’s not that I don’t trust them, it’s just that sites can be hacked and data can be compromised, so why take the risk?)

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