Is Blog Readership a Microcosm of Overall Activity?

I enjoy math and like working with numbers.  It is therefore not surprising that I track weekly blog readership.

The week prior to the US Presidential election, I noticed that the reading of my blog dropped 25%.  At first I assumed this was because too many of my musings were about the election; perhaps people were sick of politics and were skipping my blog.  Then I noticed that the drop-off occurred across the board in all of my seven blogs, even though political content only appeared in one of them.

The week of the election, there was a slight increase in viewers, but still well below pre-election levels.

Last week, readership completely rebounded for all seven blogs, even setting a new record for the week.

I don’t know if blog reading is a microcosm of societal activity in general, but it would seem that the election fervor and furor was such that it kept 25% of the people from doing what they normally do.

If that is true, then things must the getting back to normal!

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