Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Here are the lessons learned from my recent computer fiasco:

  • Have a technology plan, but be flexible.  [I had a plan, but wasn’t flexible with it — until I was forced to.  I doggedly stuck to the plan, even when it was inadvisable to do so]
  • Multiple data backups are imperative.  I use three methods, and keep several historical versions, spanning six months.
  • Having backup hardware is essential.  During this ordeal, I was using both my backup desktop computer and my laptop to handle critical items and not fall too far behind.
  • Having a help desk to call for emergencies is critical.
  • If a computer begins displaying flaky problems, it’s likely telling you something — make sure you are listening.

Hopefully, things will get back to normal next week — and maybe then I can blog about something other than computers — anything.

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